Made by Minnie May "Fields" Lewis in 1906. Mrs. Lewis was born in 1888, she made the quilt when she was 18 years old (she was married at 16). They lived in Pondosa from around 1930 to 1940 when they moved to Prineville. She was Goldie Lewis Lloyd's grandmother.
Melon patch pattern quilt. Made of 42 10" blocks. Hand—pieced and machine set. 9" borders on top and bottom and 5" borders on the sides. For the binding the border has been taken around to the back and stitched down. Very lumpy batting. Back is a solid cotton.
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92.48.01 Top92.48.01 Top
92.48.01 Block Close-up92.48.01 Block Close-up
92.48.01 Repaired Tear in Border92.48.01 Repaired Tear in Border
92.48.01 Repaired Tear in border92.48.01 Repaired Tear in border
92.48.01 Hole in Back92.48.01 Hole in Back
92.48.01 Stain on Back92.48.01 Stain on Back