Made by R. Bessie Brown in the 1890s. Sheared the sheep, carded the wool, packed into house lining and covered with star design quilt top. LeMoyne Star pattern.
Top: 5 rows of 6 9" blocks, machine—pieced. Very faded 3" blue lattice. 3" squares set off the blocks in the lattice. Not quilted, tied with blue cotton yarn. Each star block is tied directly in the center. Shows evidence of being taken apart and redone, can see where it has been more closely tied. Backing may be newer than quilt top. All cotton. No binding, back has been brought around to the front for finishing. Uneven edges where back has been brought around to front. 2 edges are more closely tied. Batting is hand—made from the family's own sheep wool and cheese cloth.
Back: Fabric is newer than the front. Machine—pieced.
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90.47.01 Top90.47.01 Top
90.47.01 Back90.47.01 Back
90.47.01 Back Damage90.47.01 Back Damage
90.47.01 Top Damage90.47.01 Top Damage
90.47.01 Top Close-up90.47.01 Top Close-up
90.47.01 Top Corner90.47.01 Top Corner
90.47.01 Top Damage 290.47.01 Top Damage 2