Costume, Woman, and Families, including McCray Family
Twenty—three pictures of Smurthwaite Friends and family
1. Lewis Pick, Baxter, Jess Smurthwaite — Union Stake Sunday School — Supentency about 1934
2. Everett Methser — Pondosa — June 1934
3. Leland Salisbury, Bill Larson, Gilvert Ballantyne, Luman Taylor, Webb Stark, Charles Wale, Alfred (Happy) Edwards — About 1920, South Baker, "That Old Gang of Mine"
4. Jane on Anthony Lake road
5. Up Ogden, Utah Canyon, Grandma Smurthwaite in middle, Aunt Sarah Baumeister on right, left (?) Zina
6. Wes Brown, Lavon Baxter, Effie Baxter, Howard Stratford, Don and Paul Smurthwaite
7. Old Nancy , it was cloudy
8. Girl on fence post
9. Anthony Lake or below
10. Rod and his new "Olds"
11. Car hit by train East of Baker
12.Gordon and Pal — Yellowstone Park
13. Lavel Emily
14. Uncle Mart Roher — Out from Brigham City
15. Lucile Stratford, Effie Baxter, Howard Stratford, Zina Smurthwaite
16. Vern Stewart, Father and Mother
17. On Spring Creek
18. Roy Pratt fishing on Anthony Creek
19. Lavon Baxter and Howard Stratford, Dooley Mountain
20. Sweevely Bob
21. Borderline between Utah and Idaho — Aerial Hansen adn family, Zina and Angela on left
22. Jess and Zina from Lee and Ivy, South Baker "Wishing you a merry Xmas and Happy New year— picture of a house
23. Hazel Evans, Walt Meacham
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