Costume, Woman, and Families, including McCray Family
Smurthwaite Family Pictures
1. Family Photo
2. Postcard/picture of girls dressed in white dresses and hats, 1910
3. Mom, Ettie Baxter, Howard Stratford, Lorie Baxter and others
4. Family picnic
5. Uncle Jim near Brigham City
6. Children of family
7. Fow Brown, Tommy Smurthwaite, Betty Lon Stratford, Ross Bratt, Wesley Brown, Virginia Wood
8. Walt Meacham, etc.
9. Family on vacation
10. Zina stark Smurthwaite, Annie Stark McClellan, Mother Clarissa (Webb) Stark, Jane (Stark) Larson, Ivy (McClella) Stark, (Mrs. Lee Stark), Leah (Stark) Johnson (Lee Starks Daughter)
11. Color picture of a group of eight
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Family picturesFamily pictures