Baker County Towns and North Powder
Cornucopia Mines, photos donated by Dorothy J. Rager. #1Johnny Zimmerman photo of Last Chance buildings. #2 Last Chance Mine. #3 Baker Mill taken up toward Last Chance Mill is above Copia town on right side of road. Doris Digetz photo. #4 South side of Baker Mill at end of tramline from Last Chance Mine, 1b975 1917. Harry Thompson photo. #5 On the Last Chance Tramway, Louise Ley picture, Panter photo. #6 Last Chance buildings about 1917. Harry Thompson photo. #7 Last Chance Mine, Denis Digitz photo. #8 Baker Mill terminal from Last Chance Tramway approx. 1917. Harry Thompson helped built Head House. #9 Last Chance head house about 1917. About 60 feet high. Harry Thompson photo. #10 Last Chance tramway from Baker Mill to Last Chance, 1919. Woman identified as Mabel Cooper. #11 Union Miners at dinner, 7/14/06. Bernice Huff photo. Note states "the food was laid out on the table. The men made their own lunches due to language barrier. Nearly all foreign men. Bernice Huff cooked there. #12 1915 Boarding house at Union Mine, Mabel Cooper cook, standing with Harry Zachery, son, sitting on rail. Most of the men were Bohemians. #13 Boarding house at Union Mine burning, about 1936. Harry Thompson photo. #14 Union Mine at Cornucopia. Hensley Pritchard photo. #15 Union Mill at Anderson Point, Hensley Pritchard photo. #16 Queen of the West Mine, across from Simmons Mt. and mines. Louise Sly photo. #17. Ingrahms freight wagon taking pipe to the Queen of the West Mine, Felex Tarter standing by Panter place. Louise Sly photo. #18. comment: "under water now. A nice picnic area on other end. A very cold spring drinking water. Taken in 49 or 50." May be in the Snake River area.
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Last Chance Mine BuildingsLast Chance Mine Buildings
Last Chance Mine from aboveLast Chance Mine from above
Baker Mill near Last Chance MiBaker Mill near Last Chance Mi
Baker Mill with tram lines froBaker Mill with tram lines fro
Last Chance tramwayLast Chance tramway
Last Chance Buildings 1917Last Chance Buildings 1917
Last Chance Mine from aboveLast Chance Mine from above
Baker Mill terminal from LastBaker Mill terminal from Last
Last Chance Head HouseLast Chance Head House