Baker County Towns and North Powder
Photos of Cornucopia donated by Dorothy J. Rager. #1 First town of Copia, Company store large one in middle. L. Panter photo. #2. Fourth of July 1917. Copia. Chris Snyder & Jimmy Shaffer's dad driving steel. Mable Cooper photo. #3 Main Street, Cornucopia, June 4, 1914. "Granger White photo by L. Panter, Hotel was Swisher. #4 Main, Street Cornucopia, Keller Hotel & Saloon on right, Hensley Pritchard photo. Date looks like 5/25/5. #5.Johnny Zimmerman ——Mail stage on Copia road. #6 Summit in Last Chance Road, 1921. The big tree. This road was used until the tramline to Baker Mill was in use. #7Sled at Cornucopia heading for Halfway, Elisa Keating in Seat, Hensley Pritchard photo.
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Copia (town) & Co. StoreCopia (town) & Co. Store
Copia, July 4, 1917Copia, July 4, 1917
Cornucopia Main Street 1914Cornucopia Main Street 1914
Cornucopia Main St Keller HoteCornucopia Main St Keller Hote
Cornucopia Mail StageCornucopia Mail Stage
Big tree on road to Last ChancBig tree on road to Last Chanc
Cornucopia sled with Elisa KeaCornucopia sled with Elisa Kea
Cornucopia from a distanceCornucopia from a distance