Baker County Towns and North Powder
Petition for a County Road running from La Grande by the best practicable route to terminate at Walla Walla and Auburn Trail, where it enters the Canyon at Jones' Ranch, including the settlements at Catharine Creek. March 29, 1863. J. M. Richardson. A. W. Busick, L. H Benson, William Chester, James Bundall, I. A. Jones, S. M. Black. John Quinn, Tho Wtewkirk, Wm. Taylor, Green Arnold, F. W. Curres, C. H. Marrin, W. W. Gifford. I. S. Hardin, E. Hulsizer, Hens Yotsimble, T. J. Russell, B. T. Tuttelson, M. Baker, S. Braly, Ceppas Wood, E. H. Lewis. E. McCormick,. S. H. Bivens, T. Yasickle, James H. Wilson. Filed April 14, 1863. S. A. Clarke, Clerk.
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Catharine Creek Rd petition 1Catharine Creek Rd petition 1
Catharine Creek Rd petition 2Catharine Creek Rd petition 2
Catharine Creek Rd Petition 3Catharine Creek Rd Petition 3