Baker County Towns and North Powder
Petition for adjustments to location of county road described in February 1864 (From Jones's house in the Canyon to Hendershotts) to goe east 1/4 of a mile between Ft. Nadine's and McTosails claims and from thence north on the best—practicable route to Hendershotts house.
Signed by D. M. Bivens, Daniel B. Lockerby, L. H. Benson, A. F. Benson, G. W. Stowell, V. Spencer. J. W. Coleman, D. K. Benson. I Hickle, H. Wilson. A. H. Bisick, D. B. Nelson, F. R. Wilson. M. B. Baird, W.A. Baird, A. N. Toomy, H. C. Boyd, L. F. Thatcher. C. W. Sherwein, C. J. Steward, J. P Argersinger, C. H. Chaoman, M. C. Israel, E. Watkins, Chancy Goodnoe, Thomas Donahoo, C. Sprowles, Frederick Nadine,U. S. Benington, S. Hannah, A. J. Stoop, A. C. Cray, Enock Wiltfong, Davis Johnson. F. M. Good, C. F. Howell, C. W. Wellman, Abel Line, G. W. Jones, W. C. Jones.
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