Mary Banta Family Quilts
Pink Quilt with flowers, diamond star pattern. 20 9.5" square blocks. Blocks are set with a 3.5" lattice. 2" inner border of machine pieced multiprinted fabrics. 2.5" border all around. Hand pieced, machine was used on borders. Outline quilting pattern on star blocks, straight line quilting on lattice and borders. Lumpy wool batting. Back is solid lavendar. Binding is a knife—edge finish, hand sewn.

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05.34.01 Top05.34.01 Top
05.34.01 Close-up05.34.01 Close-up
05.34.01 Border Close-up05.34.01 Border Close-up
05.34.01 Hole in Border05.34.01 Hole in Border
05.34.01 Back05.34.01 Back
05.34.01 Hole in Back05.34.01 Hole in Back
05.34.01 Back Close-up/Stains05.34.01 Back Close-up/Stains