Costume, Woman, and Families, including McCray Family
(093A): 3 snapshots of farm activities, (093B):1 portrait of young woman with hair in bun,
(093C): 1 formal portrait of Mary Compton, (093D):two children, Theodore Vernon Compton, Born Nov. 1, 1911, and Ivan Wilson Compton, born June 10, 1913, Baker Oregon.
(093E): Wm. Fletcher and Mary E. Compton, older couple. (093F): Two men, Uncle Charley Compton, and Uncle Edward Compton. (093G):Family gathering, l to r, Aunt Ella, Uncle Ed Compton, Uncle Charles Compton, Uncle Ian Compton, Aunt Edith Kelly, Aunt Stella Stall, Mom Sturgill, Ressie Wm. Fletcher, Grandpa Compton sitting, Grandma "Mary E". (093H): Full portrait L to right, Grace Best, Wesley Bradley, Aunt Ella Compton, Uncle Ed Compton, Uncle Charles, Uncle Iva, Uncle Iva's wife Agness, Uncle Frank Kelly, Aunt Edith, Uncle Dave Stall, Aunt Stella Stall, Dad Stugill Madison, Mom Sturgill Bessie, Earle Kelly, 2nd row, Grandpa Fletcher Compton, Uncle Ira holding Vernon Compton, Grandma Mary Elizabeth Compton, sitting Virgil Kelly, Uncle Frank's boy, Ethel Kelly, Uncle Frank's girl, Lorene, aNellie Kelly.

Fletcher and Mare E. Comption, married 12/30, 1860. Baker residents since1893.

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