Costume, Woman, and Families, including McCray Family
17 photos of different members in the Sturgill family. George B. Sturgill— Grandpa. Uncle Ben Sturgill with Theran Browns boy. Family portrait. Portrait of Professor J.J. Sturgill. Uncle Jonathon Sturgill 1. Uncle Jonathin Sturgill 2. Madison White Sturgill in uniform. Madison White Sturgill on the right in uniform with a friend (3). Madison White Sturgill as a gentleman. Portrait of Adele Sturgill Chandler. Young toddler in white outfit (2). The tow young girls in the white dresses are Adele and Lenore Sturgill (3).

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Grandpa SturgillGrandpa Sturgill
Uncle BenUncle Ben
Family portraitFamily portrait
Prof.J.J. SturgillProf.J.J. Sturgill
Uncle JonathonUncle Jonathon
Madison White SturgillMadison White Sturgill
Madison (1)Madison (1)
Madison 2Madison 2