Costume, Woman, and Families, including McCray Family
18 Tin Types of various individuals
1.Man with Mustache and a beard on the sides of his face, wearing a suit with bowtie
2.Man posing with hat
3. Man in suit, headshot, with beard and mostache
4. Baby in a white dress and hat
5. Teenage boy sitting before a backdrop
6. Picture of a picture of a man and woman sitting
7. Same elderly woman as the 05.23.39 coloring
8. Man in grayish coat wth a striped bowtie
9. Man looking sideways wit bushy mustache
10. Fated picture of "Yours Truly"——A man in black suit and white bowtie
11. Teenage boy sitting in a chair holding a book
12. Young boy sitting on a chair
13. Elderly woman and man sitting next to each other
14. Man with bushy beard and mustache in a coat with his hand inside his coat chest
15. Woman in a black dress and black hat
16. Younger boy in black jacket and white undershirt
17. Four men in suits and ties
18. Man sitting by a flower pot
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Man with mustacheMan with mustache
Man with hatMan with hat
Man with mustacheMan with mustache
Baby in white dressBaby in white dress
Teenage boy and backdropTeenage boy and backdrop
Man and WomanMan and Woman
Elderly WomanElderly Woman