Costume, Woman, and Families, including McCray Family
( W. W. Lloyd), shows woman with boy, dog and boy holding two cats by the neck. Portrait of man and woman says Sue Osler. "A tuff cookie" shows a man by a tent in Halfway 7/1/08. Portrait of Dora Bement and man. Mande Halley, Ann McAllister, Jim Mc, and Eleanor Halley on an outing. Fern & Vicki Jane (6 months old) People may be Halfway residents. (4 unknow photos)

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Garden with mom and petsGarden with mom and pets
Sue OslerSue Osler
Tuff CookieTuff Cookie
Dora & manDora & man
Cards outsideCards outside
Fern and BabyFern and Baby
4 Women4 Women