Costume, Woman, and Families, including McCray Family
Image 1: Angeline Murray, Charlottie Burrows, Louisa Rose, Eli Rose
2: Eli Rose, Angeline Murray, Charlottie Burrows, Leslie Lawrence, Ore Lawrence
3:Mr & Mrs. John Hardy Rose
4. Leslie Lawrence & Lousia Rose
5. John Hardy Rose, Dollie Lawrence, Louisa Rose, Leslie Lawrence, Ora Lawrence
6. Top— Angeline Murray, Myrtle Murray, ?, Charlottie, second— John Hardy Rose, Louisa Hasting Rose, Leslie Lawrence, Mary Murray, Eli Rose, Hardy Murray Bottom— Dollie & Ora Lawrence
7. Angeline Rose Murray, Arthur A. Murray, Myrtle Murray, Hardy B. Murray, Bertha Welman Murray, Archie J. Murray
8. leslie Lawrence
9. Bertha Welman Murray
10. Mary Murray
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Murray & Rose'sMurray & Rose's
Group in backyardGroup in backyard
Mr. & Mrs. RoseMr. & Mrs. Rose
Leslie & LousiaLeslie & Lousia
Rose & LawrenceRose & Lawrence
Everyone on the porchEveryone on the porch
Murray FamilyMurray Family
Leslie LawrenceLeslie Lawrence
Bertha Welman MurrayBertha Welman Murray