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Bodinson, Frederic P. Two photos and several news clippings oMrs. and Mrs. Frederick P. Bodinson, and daughter Grace Bodinson. He was a 1905 pharmacist at 2017 Front Street Baker City (Grace & Bodinson Drug Co.). The family residence was 1550 Dewey Avenue, Baker City. Information and permission to copy photos given by David H. and Doris D. Robertson, 1620 Mayflower Ct. A224 Winter Park FL 32792 or PO Box 1086 Frankfort MI 49636.
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Bodinson, Mr & Mrs Frederick, ca 1915Bodinson, Mr & Mrs Frederick, ca 1915
Bodinson, Mrs. and baby Grace, ca. 1918Bodinson, Mrs. and baby Grace, ca. 1918
Grace Bodinson in Persian Cream ad ca 1918Grace Bodinson in Persian Cream ad ca 1918
Bodinson family history with photoBodinson family history with photo
Bodinson family address in Baker CityBodinson family address in Baker City
Bodinson Family history Knights TemplarBodinson Family history Knights Templar