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W. C. T. U. Photo and 2 notices from the Bedrock Democrat, March 11, 1889.
Left to right: Mary Barnes, Mrs. Cook, Nancy Herring, Mrs. Garner, Mrs. Valiente, Mr. John Palmer, Mr. Howell, Mrs. Jane Arnell, Mrs. White, Mrs. White, Mrs. Halbert, Mrs. Naught, Mrs. Phelps, Mrs. Tibbles, Mris Finley, Mrs. McFadden. (Women's Christian Temperance Union)

Occasion was the election of officers. Accompanying sheet lists Mrs. J. P. Bowen, Rev. S. M. Driver, Mrs. Rev. Brown, Mrs. Rev. Chapman, Mrs. Kate Palmer, Mrs. Whittaker, Mrs. Garner, Mrs. C. C. Andrews, Mrs. Ireland, Mrs. Hobson, Mrs. Stephenson.
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