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WWI company: Rear: 1——Oscar Zimmerman, 2——Jim Elscamp, 3——Jim Cunning, 4——Widman, 5?, 6——Albert Brown, 7?, *——Lafe Bales, 9?, 10?, 11— Roy Crabill (Mickey), 12——Jim Canoreghton, 13——Lt. Dade Haines, 14——Capt. Bob Haines, 15——Lt. Bart Shoemaker.
Standing: Charlie Clark

Front: 1?, 2——Aronfield Bales, 3——Raymond Swan, 4——Henry Burk, 5——Charlie Clark, 6?, 7 Crouter, 8——Chet Gardiner; 9——Ray Crimin, 10——Carl Bennett.

Identified by Charlie Bement and Mark Pugh.
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WWI CompanyWWI Company
WWI military co.WWI military co.