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The enclosed pictures(5) of logging were taken in the Sumpter, OR area around 1932. John Hardwick's Dad, JW(Rocky) Hardwick is pictured in front of the front wheel of the steam powered mill (first picture). Others pictured are unknown.
Rocky was born in 1902 in Idaho. In 1918 he worked on the Panama Canal as a trained machinist. In 1924 he moved back to Baker City and had a service station "Depot" on Broadway partnered with 2 brothers. They went bust in late 1929. After that he helped fill the swamp between Baker and Haines, worked on Forest Service road #11 on Dooley Mt(Cat operator), taught CCC in John Day/Canyon City and during WWII worked the night shift at the round house of the LaGrande—Union Pacific train. After the war he lived in Baker City from 1946—84.
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Logging in Sumpter, OR in early 1930sLogging in Sumpter, OR in early 1930s