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7 photos of historic reenactments for Oregon Centennial 1959 celebration. Downtown Baker City.

Photo 1, Jim Anderson, Jim Hall

Photo 2. Jayme Stoner, Stoner Down but not out, shot by Ponderson

Photo 3. Jim Anders, Sanford Adler, Jim Hall.

Photo 4, Jim Anderson, shot by Stoner. Jim Hall down & out.

Photo 5, Jim Hall after being shot.

Photo 6, Jim Anderson, Jack Miller, Assay Office, Smith and Anderson. Wendt's Flowers (next to Trail In)

Photo 7. Jim Anderson, Red May, Jayme Stoner (Jim)

Photo 8. Jim Hall, Old town barber shop, etc.
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Main Street Shootout, 1959Main Street Shootout, 1959
SToner, downSToner, down
Anders, Adler, Hall removing bAnders, Adler, Hall removing b
Anderson & Hall (down)Anderson & Hall (down)
Jim Hall Jim Hall "shot"
Jim Anderson, Jack Miller, WenJim Anderson, Jack Miller, Wen
Reenactment of gun fightReenactment of gun fight
Jim Hall & Barbershop, reenactJim Hall & Barbershop, reenact