Lumber, Mining, Railroads, SVRR, Organizations, Bands, and Military
Men's West Point blue/grey wool serge jacket. Round stand up collar covered with black. Black ribbon down each side of the front and around the sleeves about 3" from the edge. Sleeves are straight and cuffless. Ribbon down each side of the back. Tailored and slightly fitted.

Tag: No: ??72 Date: 6.29.38
Name: Clark, W.B.
17 1/2—37—31 39—15 1/2 —25 1/2 — 16 x 2
Maker: Phillip

Possible everyday uniform jacket.
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Uniform, Jacket, West Point frontUniform, Jacket, West Point front
Uniform, Jacket, West Point backUniform, Jacket, West Point back
Uniform, Jacket, West Point labelUniform, Jacket, West Point label