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World War I Army Uniform worn by Leslie Brown Harradine (Phyllis Crabill Dunlavy's 1st hushband)

Coat: Khaki—colored wool. 2 stripes, signal corp insignia on right sleeve. Red, blue and white cirlce patch on upper left sleeve (Sharp Shooter). One orange/red cheveron on upper left sleeve (Honorable Discharge Stripe). One green inverted cheveron on the lower left sleeve (year(s) of service overseas).

Pants: Khaki, Jodphur style, wool. Lacings up side of lower leg.
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Uniform, Coat JacketUniform, Coat Jacket
Uniform Coat Jacket , Corporal insigniaUniform Coat Jacket , Corporal insignia
Uniform Coat Jacket Left Sleeve with insigniasUniform Coat Jacket Left Sleeve with insignias
Uniform pant and Corporal PatchUniform pant and Corporal Patch
Uniform Corporal PatchUniform Corporal Patch