Rural and Recreational Activities
Five pictures of different Saddles taken by different studios
1. Hazeltine studio, baker city——two saddles, one side view, one front view
2. Parker's Studio Baker City, number 0142
3. Wood studio LaGrande, Oregon Made by Palmer and Denham, Baker City Oregon, $35.00
4. "No. 142 Palmer and Denham; Steel fork tree, 3/4 seak Border stump shoulder stirrup, leather fair of rid skirting $35.00"
4. No writing or studio——"30" on saddle
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Hazeltine studio saddleHazeltine studio saddle
Parker Studio saddleParker Studio saddle
Wood Studio saddleWood Studio saddle
Saddle no.142Saddle no.142
number 30 saddlenumber 30 saddle