Schools and Children
School classes in group photos from about 1920s to 1957. Also includes spelling bee winners, and other award groups.
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Keating school, ca. 1947Keating school, ca. 1947
Keating School, 1957Keating School, 1957
Keating School, 1951-2Keating School, 1951-2
Keating School, 1950-51Keating School, 1950-51
Keating School Spelling Bee WiKeating School Spelling Bee Wi
Keating School Students, ca. 1Keating School Students, ca. 1
Keating School, ca. 1924Keating School, ca. 1924
Keating School, Keating School, "in the 20s"
Keating School, 1953Keating School, 1953