Schools and Children
Multiple picture of Keating School (pictures are located at the school)

1. 1920s class
2. Childern named on back: Helen McKinney and Mary Helen McKinney (twins), May Brown, Laura Croustor, Rosese Duicean, Frances Arnspiges, Chester, Pleao Brown, Harding McKinney, Little Edward Tielespie, Bert Jone Arnspiges
3. Class photo
4. 1951 Grace Guyer: Front row: Bobby McKnight, Gary Hack, unknown, Midred Peyton, Gerald Colton, Betty Jean Dolby, Lee Ann McKnight, unknown, Guy McCoy Back row: Roger Duby, Ron Dolby, Monte Hack, unknown, Chary Weber, Bonnie Burns, Betty Burns, Unknown.
5. 1951—52; Front row: Ruth Cook, Elcine Hutton, Dorthy Duby, Nora Colton, Ron Guyer, Alan McKnight, Corky Bunch, Judy Wellman, Emmy Ann Duncan, Linda Weber Back row: Ray McCoy, Leila Speilman, Janis Jackson, Dave Bunch, Donna Plummer, unknown, Larry Lew, Bill McKnight, Charles Hack
6. Front row: Jim Weber, Buzz Lew, Bill Love, Roger Cook, Jimmy Plummer, Richard Hack, Owen Jacobs, unknown, John Duby, ? Cook, Linda Colton 2nd row: Ruth Cook, Alan McKnight, Corky Bunch, Doreen Horan, Judy Wellman, Nora Colton, Dorthy Duby, Linda Weber, Emmy Ann Duncan 3rd row: Bill McKnight, Charles Hack, Dave Bunch, Janis Jackson, Lee Ann McKnight, Donna Plummer, Lela Speilman, Ron Guyer, John Hack, Ray McCoy 4th row: Joe Speilman, Larry Lew, Bobby McKnight, Sumiko Akahoshi, ?, Milderd Peyton, Betty Jean Dolby, Gary Hack
7. April 1957, Jimmy's 4th grade class
8. Class photo
9. 1928 Keating School Dale Jones, Chet Brown, Virgil Robb, Mrs. Shark, me (Florence G. Staggs?), Golda Best, Frances Vaughn, Pleas Boown, Olive Best, Freddie Brown, Millicent Brown, Elton Best, Frankie Brown, Gene Brown
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Keating  School 1920sKeating School 1920s
Keating ClassKeating Class
Grace Guyer classGrace Guyer class
Helen Pearson classHelen Pearson class
1953? school class1953? school class
1957 4th grade1957 4th grade