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Students in Baker Middle School Basketball, 1951.
Picture on the left is of the 8th grade Vikings.
Back Row: George Kirklin, Kemit Spence, James Anderson, Rickey Biswell, Wendell Neibuhr, Larry Spencer, Bill Haskin
Middle Row: Coach Staddard, Bud Titus, Bob Martin, Larry Peck, Milford Cundiff, Curtis Tibbs, Donald Macy, Jerry Hyde, Gregory Young
Front Row: Bob Ferree, Bill Hardin, Gary Milton, Donny Oliver, Darrow Conklin, Larry Fuller
Record: 18 wins, 9 losses.
Picture on top right is of the 7th grade Norsemen
Back Row: Mike Castles, Oliver McCord, Bob Harrell, Gary Eng, Donny Smolich, Willis Chandler, Charles Craig
Middle Row: Warren Piatt, Derk Turner, Kenny Spencer, Gene Duncon, Darrell Bales, Trotter Vaughan, Coach Snapp
Front Row: Marvin Dowdy, Jack Pifher, Adolf Dowdy, Gary Smith, Don Nelson
Picture on the bottom right is of the 6th grade Sea—Rovers
Back Row: Coach Roby Hall, Junior Montgomery, Stanley Grove, Don Dodson, Roger Wooley, Larry Taylor, Don Cole
Front Row: Jerry Shroeder, Lyle Richards, Jim Stewart, Clifford Howland, Ronny Hunt
Absent, Tommy Oliver, Fred Koontz, Stephen May, Eugene Moshberger
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Baker Middle School Athletes,Baker Middle School Athletes,