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Individual pictures on one page of the Baker High class of 1913, put together by Elite Studio. Each person has signed their name under their picture. There is also a list of students name on the back.——(Two parts to get whole picture)
Edith Peale, Loring Hyde, Hazel Bushnell, Bill Spaugler, Mildred Bennett, Addison Finkelnberg, Lotha Cochran, Norris Laulsen, Flounce Hibley
Pinney Currey, Rose Maxmill, Robert Donald, Mary Clausen, Lee Bostwick, Helen Elman, Frye Herbert, Flounce Churchill, John Jenkins
Ruth Holman, Leslie Finds, Ethel Cumming, Burle Bramhall, Verna Forker, Harr Bachman, Ebba Jacobson, Chester Gardner, Bertha Fisley, Glenn Shockley, Myrtle Murray, Anthony Chares, Mary McMurdo, Harold Taylor, Ruth Palmer, Russel Waltz, Malrino Humble, George Daly
Esther Jacobsen, Alfred Finley, Lucile Woody, Fritz Melzer, John Bisher, Ernest Simonis, Hazel Perkins, Horace Ryder, Margary Henderson
Neil Morfikt, Gibert Hulley, Delbert Easterwood, Frank M. S Collock, Frank Bernhardt, Clarence Bragg
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Class of 1913-1Class of 1913-1
Class of 1913 - 2Class of 1913 - 2