Baker County Towns and North Powder
Vinson Placer Company articles of incorporation, September 7, 1904. Business is located in Baker City. Capital stock at $1 million with shares at $1 each. Purpose: to buy or claim water rights and to construct and maintain ditches and related aspects for delivering water to mining properties of every kind, nature and description; to acquire and operate power plants of every nature, etc. Recorded by W. L. Patterson, Notary Public on October 7, 1904. W. L. Vinson, W. S. Bowers, and C. A. Johns, co—owners.
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Vinson Placer Co 1904Vinson Placer Co 1904
Vinson Placer Co. 1904 2Vinson Placer Co. 1904 2
Vinson Placer Co 1904 3Vinson Placer Co 1904 3