Baker County Towns and North Powder
Sumpter men, 14 photos. Includes George Johnson, R. D. (Ralph Dale) Shelley, Ward McCulley, etc. McEwen Lodge, George Johnson, Frank Mattson, Ray Couchman, Ira Jones, Fred Innman, July 17, 1954.
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George Johnson and ? GarnerGeorge Johnson and ? Garner
Geo. JohnsonGeo. Johnson
Geo. Johnson & Jess Willard (bGeo. Johnson & Jess Willard (b
R. D. Shelley & gold brick froR. D. Shelley & gold brick fro
Sumpter menSumpter men
R. D. Shelley with gold brickR. D. Shelley with gold brick
R.D. Shelley & goldR.D. Shelley & gold
Ward McCulley with car.Ward McCulley with car.
Men near snow bankMen near snow bank