Baker County Towns and North Powder
1866 Circuit court jury list plus expenses for mileage and days in court. Signed by CM. F. Foster clerk., May, 1866. Geo. Henry, Geo. Russell, Jms Hibbard, J. W. McCrary, T. M. Reis, LMcMurren, Thomas, Davison, Andrew, John L. Kinnison, J. C. Lewis. W. H. Harris, James S. Rice, Wm. C. Hindman, Wm. Garrison, Chancy King, S. Grier, D. R. Merritt, ; Grand Jurors: Wm. Corcoran, James, Powers, Richard Kidd, Stephaniah Bryant, D. F. Moore, L. Parker, N. E. Duncan.
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Circuit Court Jury List 1866 1Circuit Court Jury List 1866 1
Circuit Court Jury List 1866 2Circuit Court Jury List 1866 2