Baker County Towns and North Powder
13 Post cards of Baker City, Or, street scenes donated by Deni Smith—Peter. ca 1900—1940. Includes color street scene with earliest electric lights, dirt Main/Front Street at Christmas season.
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BakerCity panorama 1aBakerCity panorama 1a
BakerCity panorama 1908postBakerCity panorama 1908post
BakerCity panorama1cBakerCity panorama1c
BakerCity horse showBakerCity horse show
Antlers Hotel ca. 1920Antlers Hotel ca. 1920
BakerCity Main St. ca. 1940BakerCity Main St. ca. 1940
BakerCity Main St. ca. 1950BakerCity Main St. ca. 1950
BakerCity Main St. ca. 1890BakerCity Main St. ca. 1890
BakerCity Main St. ca. 1950bBakerCity Main St. ca. 1950b