Baker County Towns and North Powder
Collection of articles and pictures, collected by Lorene Smurthwaite.
1. Mr. Wright standing by an ox and covered wagon
2. Two oxen & covered wagon and several people. Takne at Medical Springs according to the sign on the arch in the back ground
3. Two photos of Mr. and Mrs. John Wisdom (in one he is wearing a stovepipe hat)
4. One more medical Springs photos with oxen and covered wagon
5. Three photos of John Wisdom and Dunham Wright sitting on a bench (two are the same)
6. By arch Mr. & Mrs. Wisdom with unknown man
7. Girl inbetween Mr. Wright and unknown man
8. Picture of bible which Great Emancipator took his first biblical lessons. Presented by Duham Wright of Medical Springs Oregon.
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Mr. WrightMr. Wright
Oxen & peopleOxen & people
Mr. & Mrs. WisdomMr. & Mrs. Wisdom
Mr. & Mrs. WisdomMr. & Mrs. Wisdom
Mr. Wisdom and wagon of peopleMr. Wisdom and wagon of people
Mr. Wisdom & Mr. WrightMr. Wisdom & Mr. Wright
Mr. & Mrs. WisdomMr. & Mrs. Wisdom
Mr. Wright and girlMr. Wright and girl