Baker County Towns and North Powder
Gimlet Creek water rights for Bossyns & Co, up Saier Creek . Joseph Bossyns, John Thompson, Jewett Harman, "also all the water of Jackass Gulch all the surplus water of Gimlet Creek. Filed Feb. 13, 1869. J. H. Shinn, clerk. On back is a Claim sale by D. W. Curtis to William Jamison of 4 claims in Reservoir Gulch, 1/3 interest in the water held by Curtis Floyd & Co, taken out of Rne Creek, and 1/3 interest in 3 claims in 4th of July or Independence Gulch, also 1/3 interest in water taken out of Grouse Creek by Floyd and Co.
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Gimlet Creek water rights 1Gimlet Creek water rights 1
Gimlet Creek Water rights 2Gimlet Creek Water rights 2