Baker County Towns and North Powder
Circuit Court fees accumulated through Jan 1, 1864 (first half of list) and through July 1, 1864. Compiled by S. A. Clarke, clerk, and filed July 4, 1864. Cases: Davidson vs. Littlefield
Galize, Louis vs. Robbins and Alan; Harrel, Thomas vs. Hall, G. M.; Dobbins vs. Park
Levenridge vs. Quigley; Mickensham vs. Barry' Prince & Gray vs. Coleman; State of Oregon vs. Ladd, John' Black, S. M. Dill, Frederick; Anderson, James H. ; Quigley, M. D.; Mooney, Thomas; Gilbert, Elisha; Murphy, John M.
Quinn, JOhn; Bacon Brothers vs. Johnson; Quiinn, John, vs. Mooney & McCully; Pearce & Coleman; Dobbins, John vs. I. M. Withers ; Dudall, M. O., vs. Cowles & Tuttle
Quinn, John vs. Kuhl, M.' Barnhart & Earhart vs. Page; Gray, W. A. vs. Bannhart & Earhart; State of Oregon vs. Quigley, W. D.; Roberts vs. Caval; Rivers V. Jackson, Mitchell v. Thomas; Gilham v. Sherman; Rivers vs. Thomas; State vs. Taylor. Total amount outstanding: $148. S. A. Clarke, Clerk.
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Circuit Court fees 1864 1Circuit Court fees 1864 1
Circuit Court fees 2Circuit Court fees 2
Circuit Court fees 3Circuit Court fees 3