Baker County Towns and North Powder
John Desmond and WH Laboree Coroners Inquest, November 18th, 1862 by Benjamin Bowman, Coroner. Found on body of John Desmond $243.35 and a bowie knife, 1 pocket knife, a wallet, a scabbard and belt but no pistol. Found on the body of Laboree $197.21 and a scabbaed and belt but no pistol. Examination conducted between midnight and 2 AM, November 18th, 1862. Jury men: W Elmay, JR Totman, DH Rice, FN Speer, Thomas Moon, John Kilso. Witnesses: Thomas Burns, JJ Blake, Syras Lawrence, J VanKamp, TH Brown, Thomad Northcut, Doctor WM Lebur.
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Desmond,Laboree Inquest 1Desmond,Laboree Inquest 1
Desmond, Laboree Inquest 2Desmond, Laboree Inquest 2