Baker County Towns and North Powder
A group of photos of J. Roscoe Lee's businesses and family in Baker City. Donated by Gilbert P. Lee. Includes a photo of the TECP Co, City Delivery, with Roscoe Lee on the far right. It also has Lee's Bargain House, with Roscoe Lee to the right of the door. Included in this are the "second honeymoon" photos of Roscoe and Myrtle Lee, including riding Roscoe on a rail. Related to accession numbers, 432, 654L.
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Lee, Roscoe city delivery busiLee, Roscoe city delivery busi
Lees' Bargain HouseLees' Bargain House
Lee, Roscoe and Myrtle 2nd honLee, Roscoe and Myrtle 2nd hon
Lee, Roscoe on a railLee, Roscoe on a rail