Baker County Towns and North Powder
Sheriff's sale of the property of W. C. Rugh for the sum of sixty—nine dollars for Geo. W. Atkinson, plus costs of $15.70, for a total of $94.25, plus $15.70, costs, plus $148.00, plus $15.70 costs, Lost No. 4, NO. 5, No.6, No. 8 and the north lalf of lots No. 8 and 3, the same being the north one half of block No. 10 of Boyd's addition to Baker City on the North East quarter of the South East quarter of S. 17. T. 9. S. R. 40. East in Baker County, Oregon. March 29, 1875, J. M. Boyd, Sheriff. Executed May 17, 1875.
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Rugh sheriff's sale 1875 1Rugh sheriff's sale 1875 1
Rugh Sheriff's sale 1875 2Rugh Sheriff's sale 1875 2
Rugh Sheriff's sale 1875 3Rugh Sheriff's sale 1875 3
Rugh Sheriff's sale 1875 4Rugh Sheriff's sale 1875 4