Baker County Towns and North Powder
First Picture————Facade wood building with cars outside and a white wood fence on one side.
Black and white picture of the "Old D. F. Boxer Grocery
Choo H. Ritch 2nd Haud Store
Laugilli Warehouse
Razed in 1948
Lumber used in New Store Laugilli's Troding
Post 2110 Broadway
Property where the store stood, now belongs to Mart Mc Allister——Olds Mobile Agency"

Second Picture—————Wood Building with Langrells trading Post sign and car out front.
"Taken 1948 Old Huff Second Hand store purchased in 1934 by Chris Langrell Raised in 1948 to use sight and lumber for new building on present sight.

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Old D. F. GroceryOld D. F. Grocery
Old Huff Second Hand StoreOld Huff Second Hand Store