Baker County Towns and North Powder
A. J. Stamper, B. W. Levens, W. J. Levens, D. Brady mining claim (5 claims) in the area about 1/4 mile from Auburn in a northeasterly course from Auburn crossing the road leading from Auburn to Washington Branch, on the left hand side of French Gulch. Each claim 300 feet in length and 75 feet on each side of said quartz vein. Called the Buckeye Lode, commencing at a stake and notice. Claims: 1st discovery, A. J. Stamper; 2nd claime south, A. J. Stamper; 3rd claim, B. W. Levens; 4th claim, W. F. Levens; 5th claim D. Brady. Filed July 24, 1866. No signature.
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Stamper, Levens, Levens, & BraStamper, Levens, Levens, & Bra
Stamper, Levens,Levens & BradyStamper, Levens,Levens & Brady