Baker County Towns and North Powder
Petition for road from Monahaus spring in Powder River Valley, Bia Wagon Spring to be located about one mile east of Pocahontas via Markington Ranch over the mountains to Auburn. Signed by Wm. F. McCrary, J. Huelat, T. G. Beale, T, Alford, Wm. W. Nichols, Geo W. Moore, J.R. Ellison, J. S. Hutton, James McRea. R. B. Gibbs, R. B, Ironsides, N. A. Foster, L. B. Gun, W. R. Park. Hial Morrison, Abel. E. Eaton, L. Law, David Dealy, Geo. Drew, Wm Chauncley. No date.
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Baker Co. Road petition 1Baker Co. Road petition 1
Baker Co. Road petition 2Baker Co. Road petition 2
Baker Co. Road petition 3Baker Co. Road petition 3