Baker County Towns and North Powder
Christopher Henekler being tried for selling 1 gill of whiskey without a license at an establishment on Boise Road. Indicted by Grand Jury on January 25th, 1865. Trial was on May 24 and 25, 1865. Fined $50 and kept in jail until fine was paid. States witness was John Diermer, Prosecuting Attorney was WA George, Defense Attorney was RA Pierce, Jury members were: RA Steel, John Burgess, F Wilson, W Ellis, James McCrary, Sam G Ward, William Corcoran, DS Littlefield, A Agustus, PF Flynn, George Russell, SA Caldwell(foreman). JG Wilson was Circuit Court Judge. Filed July 12th, 1865, by CM Foster, Clerk.
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Henekler trail 1Henekler trail 1
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