Baker County Towns and North Powder
County Court Session minutes Oct. 30—Nov. 1, 1862. Covers a variety of activities: liquor licenses for J. J. Rackerby, J. W. Williams in Auburn, and Jonathan Hurley on Snake River. Appointed Wm. D. Quigley county surveyor, because the earlier appointee was not eligible. Appointed Wm. Waldo deputy clerk, ordered the county assessor to get the assessment rolls up to date. Jonathan Hurley petition postponed. S. B. McLaren appointed Justice of the Peace for Powder River Precinct. M. Merkersham presented a bill for services. Petition to construct a bridge on the Grande Ronde River on Emmigrant Road. H. Comstock petitioned for a wagon road from Powder River Valley to Auburn, signed by Kirkpatrick and others. S. T. Davis to construct two bridges on the trail from Auburn to the Mormon Basin. The citizens of Humboldt Basin that John Forst, Isaak Regan, Wallace Hopkins and Richard Solis be granted a license to build bridges on Powder and Burnt Rivers. Benjamin Bowan appeared, filed the necessary bonds and took the oath of office as coroner of Baker County. John A. Johns & Co. applied for a liquor license for Auburn. Oaths administered to D. H. Bellknap. Benjamin Bowman, George Flood and —— Brainard are appointed to a board to oversee bridge and road development. James Roberts presented his bill agains Baker County for furnishings for court. S. A. Clark, Clerk, and Wm. Waldo, Deputy. No filing date.
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County Court Oct & Nov 1862 1County Court Oct & Nov 1862 1
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