Baker County Towns and North Powder
Water rights, T. J. Carter claims by right of location all the natural waters of Willow Creek for mining and mechanical purposes from a certain point on Willow Creek, commencing one mile, more or less below the place where Shasta Creek empties its waters into Willow Creek, to have and to use the said waters at as many points and places as we may find necessary from and between the point or place of taking said waters out of Willow Creek to a point on said Willow Creek where Humboldt or Mormon Basin Creek empties its waters into Willow Creek. Said Willow Creek is a tributary of Malheur River, and is in Baker Co., OR. T. J. Carter; W. H. Packwood, June 23, 1868. Filed June 24, 1868, Joseph H. Shinn, clerk.
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T. J. Carter water rights 1T. J. Carter water rights 1
T. J. Carter water rights 2T. J. Carter water rights 2