Baker County Towns and North Powder
Petition for an ElDorado liquor license for Wm. Marker and A. U. Brown in quatities less than one quart, Feb 25, 1870. Names of signers: Charles Campfield, J. H. Fake, H. Githens, James Dugdale, John Stanley, S. S. Miller, Bonham Whited, E. H. Richardson, James Richardson, James Delany, Hiram Cole, A. B. Farnsworth, William S. Moore, John M. Court, A. J. Vincent, L. W. Crane, Christ Landers, T. W. Brown, A. J. Moore, Geo. Hammack, N. P. Roberts, S. B. Reeves, W. G. Chatfield, Jacob Barlow, Simeon Farlow, S. K. Myers, S. F. Williams. Alex Slimaro, A. Enos.
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ElDorado liquor license petitiElDorado liquor license petiti