Baker County Towns and North Powder
Charles Green vs. W. L. Burnham. Plaintif recovered certain premises (mining claim) which was prior to the 26th day of February 1875. Also to received the sum of $171.55, May 29, 1875 Judgment. The mine Macedonia silver bearing quartz lode in Rye Valley Mining District near Gilchrist and company road and Little Deer Creek. Recorded June 4, 1875. Luther B. Ison, Clerk. J. M. Boyd to execute June 2, 1875. Placed Charles Green "peacefully" on his property, but could not get the money owed. W. W. Webber, deputy. Plaintif's attorneys, Lawrence & Haines.
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Green vs. Burnham 1875 1Green vs. Burnham 1875 1
Green vs. Burnham 1875 2Green vs. Burnham 1875 2
Green vs. Burnham 1875 3Green vs. Burnham 1875 3
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