Historic Baker City, Oregon 97814
Founded 1862
The year was 1897 and the yield of gold from 513 gold mines and claims in the Baker Gold District was $3 million (today's value: nearly $100 million). Baker County was the banner gold mining county in Oregon.

Baker City, known as the Queen City of the Mines, was the third largest city in Oregon and the fastest growing community in the Old West.

Nowhere is there a more colorful story to tell about how the West was developed. It is a story about courage. It is a story about gold. It is a story about industries such as transportation, agriculture and timber. It is a story of affluent city life.

Let us share the story with you!
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2480 Grove Street
Baker City, OR 97814
Paint Your Wagon Exhibit

View the actual miniature set used for the movie.

The location of the full-sized movie set was located right here outside of Baker City, with filming beginning in May 1968 and ending in October.

Rock Collections

Two extensive collections of rocks, fossils, minerals, agate, picture jasper and cabochons, spanning 80 years of collecting. On display at the museum.